12 Facts About the Duke Faculty Union Contract

1. Unionized Faculty shall be invited to faculty meetings, included on Listservs, and invited to departmental academic and social programming.

2. Unionized faculty appointed for 1 or more years shall be provided with computers (choice of PC or Mac, laptop or desktop) and computer services on the same basis as other faculty.

3. Unionized faculty shall be reimbursed for materials, supplies, computer software, books, music scores, etc., needed to teach courses.

4. In addition to departments/programs continuing to provide previously-offered professional development benefits for unionized faculty, there is a $50,000 fund for unionized faculty to apply for up to $1,000 per year for purposes related to scholarship (i.e., research, artistic practice, pedagogy, etc.) and travel.

5. Instructor ‘A’: Generally hired to teach courses on semester or 1-year basis for specific fill-in purpose. After 4 years of reappointments, they are offered a 3-year appointment and shall be reclassified as a Lecturing Fellow.

6. Instructor ‘B’: Do not teach courses but engage in instructional activity, e.g., leading labs and discussion groups. First 3 years at Duke are on 1-year appointments, then a 2-year appointment, then 3-year appointments thereafter.

7. Lecturing Fellows: Teach and design courses drawing on disciplinary or pedagogical expertise. If full-time, initial appointments are for 3 years. After first 3 years, faculty receive a 2-year appointment, followed by 3-year appointments thereafter.

8. For those on multi-year appointments, reappointment is presumed absent a disqualifying event (poor performance, elimination or downsizing of department/program, hiring regular rank faculty, or a serious financial change that threatens viability of program, department, or college).

9. Unionized faculty on multi-year appointments are guaranteed the number of courses averaged over previous 3 years. Unionized faculty are given preference (over other unionized faculty members) to teach courses they designed or that they have satisfactorily taught in the past.

10. Canceled course assignments will not result in loss of pay/benefits for unionized full-time faculty or part-time faculty with more than 5 years at Duke. For part-time faculty with 5 or fewer years, the cancellation fee is 15%.

11. Unionized faculty should be evaluated each year in the first 3 years of appointment and then in penultimate year of subsequent appointments (evaluations include self-assessment, recent syllabi. Student evaluations, classroom observation, CV).

12. Unionized faculty who are full-time defined as 5 courses should be salaried (minimum pay is in union contract). Some unionized faculty are defined as full-time with less than 5 courses. Any additional course assignments above 5 or the normal full-time assignment for that unionized faculty member is paid at the per course rate specified in the union contract. Part-time faculty are generally paid per course, pro-rated course, or hourly rate (applied music). Rates are defined by the union contract.