Director of Duke-based non-profit urges administration to respect faculty’s rights to organize

Earlier today, Student Action with Farmworkers Executive Director Melinda Wiggins, a Duke-based non-profit organization, wrote a letter to President Brodhead and Provost Kornbluth, urging them to respect contingent faculty’s right to organize.

She has worked cooperatively with her employees’ union for more than a decade:

SAF has a union contract with IUE-CWA that covers non-management staff. As the director I am not covered by the contract but have participated in contract negotiations on behalf of management since we first signed in 2004. I have personally found the contract to be extremely helpful to me in my role as the director.

The contract eliminates any arbitrary decisions I might inadvertently make. It takes pressure off of me as a director to determine salaries, as they are negotiated and based on equal work for equal pay. And annual salaries are given based on seniority. The contract provides clarity and guidance for how to treat all employees fairly. And it creates a helpful structure for management and staff to have important discussions about our values and how to put those into practice in terms of pay, benefits, and working conditions for employees.

unnamed— Melinda Wiggins, Executive Director of Duke-based non-profit organization Student Action with Farmworkers


Read the full letter here.


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