Faculty diversity: An argument for a faculty union

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What does faculty diversity have to do with our effort to form a union?

Zoe Willingham, a Trinity junior and the President of Duke United Students Against Sweatshops, explains in the Chronicle:

“[P]rofessors of color are more likely to be underpaid and experience job insecurity at Duke. Minority professors are more likely to be contingent faculty, non-tenure-track faculty that work without benefits or long term employment contracts. 54 percent of Hispanic faculty, 54 percent of Asian faculty and 52 percent of African American faculty are non-tenure track, while only 40 percent of Duke faculty as a whole is contingent.

“Having a faculty union on campus would greatly improve the diversity among professors that students [have] repeatedly demanded… and empower professors to address racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism in their classrooms and their departments.”

Read the full op-ed here.

Click here for the “Demands of Black Voices,” a platform assembled by students that includes organizing rights for non-tenure-track faculty.

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