Durham city leaders are standing with Duke faculty

As we move closer to forming our union, we are proud to have the support of Durham city leaders. Check out these statements of support. For more on community support for our organizing, go to OurDuke.org.

Jillian Johnson, Durham City Council and Duke Alumna

Jillian Johnson“I’m so happy to have the opportunity to support the growing faculty union at my alma mater, Duke University. Duke and Durham have a critical relationship, and what happens at Duke impacts so many of Durham’s families. I’m excited for this opportunity for faculty to come together and create more stable and secure jobs in our community.”


Charlie Reese, Durham City Council

Charlie Reese“I’m proud to stand with Duke’s contingent faculty. These are some of the hardest-working faculty at Duke, and they deserve the opportunity to speak with one voice as they negotiate compensation and benefits that live up to their dedication to their students and their university. When this effort is successful, our city will be all the better for it.”


Steve Schewel, Durham City Council, Duke Alumnus and Non-tenure track Faculty Member

Steve Schewel“As a long-time visiting assistant professor at Duke, I’m glad to be supporting the union of non-tenure track faculty. While my own teaching opportunities and compensation are excellent, I know this isn’t the situation with many contingent faculty, and it’s good to come together with my colleagues to achieve a collective voice.”


Brother Ray Eurquhart, Soil and Water District Supervisor

Brother Ray Eurquhart“As an elected Soil and Water District supervisor in the city/county of Durham since 1993, I’m proud to fully support faculty at Duke who are forming a union and making our whole community stronger.”


Wendy Jacobs, Durham County Commissioner

Wendy Jacobs “Great teaching is part of what makes Duke such an outstanding university. Let’s make sure we are doing all we can to support great teachers at Duke.”


Representative Scott Peters, Member of Congress and Duke Alumnus

Scott Peters“As an alumnus of Duke University, I was excited to learn thatcontingent faculty at Duke are forming a union to raise standards at Duke and beyond.”


Durham People’s Allliance

Herald Sun horizontalFrom the Herald-Sun, January 10, 2016: “What these days is likely the most-influential of Durham’s big-three political groups has thrown its weight behind a faculty-unionization drive at Duke University, passing out yard signs so members can show support for it.”

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