NC House members stand with Duke faculty

Four members of the North Carolina House of Representatives—Verla Insko, Susan Fisher, Pricey Harrison, and Bobbi Richardson—have written to President Brodhead and Provost Kornbluth, expressing their support for Duke faculty organizing and asking the administration to take a neutral stance. We are grateful to receive ongoing support from our elected leaders.

Read their letter below, and click here to read more statements of support from public officials.

Dear President Brodhead and Provost Kornbluth:

North Carolina has long been known for its outstanding system of higher education. Between our public system and private institutions like Duke University, our state has the reputation of a place where higher education thrives.

But in recent years, the corporatization of higher education has pushed North Carolina students deeper and deeper into debt and marginalized university faculty. This trend is alarming. At Duke University, where the published tuition price has increased 55% over the past decade, more than 40% of faculty now lack access to tenure.

As you know, contingent faculty at Duke are taking steps to reverse these trends by forming a union. By achieving progress at Duke, a standard-setter in the region, your contingent faculty will help raise standards across the state and nation.

As elected members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, we fully support Duke faculty’s efforts to create a union.

We urge you to follow the lead of administrators at Georgetown University who remained neutral when their contingent faculty formed a union. We believe the entire Duke community—and indeed, all of North Carolina—will be best served by your decision to take a fully neutral stance as your faculty unionizes.


Rep. Verla Insko
House District 56 – Orange County

Rep. Susan Fisher
House District 114 – Buncombe County

Rep. Pricey Harrison
House District 57 – Guilford County

Rep. Bobbi Richardson
House District 7 – Franklin and Nash Counties

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