Updated Frequently Asked Questions

As we move closer to our election, we have updated our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here are the recent additions:

Who is eligible to vote in the upcoming election?
Non-regular rank faculty teaching this semester in the Trinity School of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Documentary Studies, and the Graduate School are eligible to vote in this election. We are also continuing to build support among non-tenure track, regular rank faculty. If you have not already joined the effort, the first step you can take is filling out this union authorization card. You can also contact regular rank members of the Organizing Committee by sending an email to duketeachingfirst@gmail.com.

How do I vote? When is the voting period?
The non-regular rank election will be conducted by mail-in ballot. The ballots will be mailed to your home on Thursday, March 3. We recommend returning it as quickly as possible, as all ballots must arrive in the National Labor Relations Board office in Winston-Salem by Thursday, March 17 or they will not be valid. The counting of the votes will occur on Friday, March 18.

What are my options if I’m not covered in the current proposed bargaining unit?
Non-tenure track, regular rank faculty are continuing to organize. We are interested in talking with regular rank faculty members about their ideas and experiences. Please contact us at duketeachingfirst@gmail.com to get more involved.

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