Durham City Council Passes 7-0 Resolution Supporting Duke Faculty

On Thursday, the Durham City Council passed a resolution in support of non-tenure track faculty, endorsing our rights to improve our working conditions and to have a collective voice on campus without interference from the administration.

The resolution received unanimous support from members of the City Council and the Mayor.

The resolution is just another way students, full-time professors, community leaders and elected officials are coming together to support us as we help build a nationwide movement to improve standards for the profession.

“These faculty want to have a collective voice to help improve working conditions in order to be more effective teachers, researchers and professionals,” the resolution reads. “The decision of whether to unionize belongs solely to the workers of Duke University.”

More than forty percent of Duke faculty lack access to tenure, reducing our job security and our ability to invest in a long-term future in Durham. This follows a nationwide trend, as universities continue to rely more on more on the instruction and guidance of non-tenure-track faculty.

“We’re honored to have so much support from the larger Durham community,” said Eileen Anderson, Lecturing Fellow in Romance Studies. “This proves what we all already know – that improving the working conditions of faculty is in the public interest.”

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