Faculty Story: Jack Bookman, Mathematics

u1739From 1982-2012, I was a contingent faculty member at Duke University holding, at one time or another, all ranks from Instructor to Professor of the Practice. I strongly support the current effort to unionize non-tenure track faculty at Duke. While conditions for POPs at Duke have improved over the last 10 or so years, conditions for other non-tenure faculty (“tenuous” faculty, as a colleague of mine called himself) do not seem to have improved at all. POPs and, to a larger extent, other non-TT faculty have low pay, little or no voice in departmental decision making, large “voluntary” service obligations and little or no job security.

During my last years at Duke, I had a supportive chair who helped improve conditions for the POPs in my department. Prior to that the previous chair created a hostile environment for non-TT faculty. In any case, the welfare of faculty should not depend on the whims of department chairs or other administrators. A strong union is the only the protection non-TT faculty can hope to have.

For Professor Bookman’s story, and other stories from faculty colleagues, read more here.

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