Faculty Story: Rann Bar-On, Mathematics

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I have been at Duke since 2003, first as a PhD student, and now as teaching faculty. In all those years, it has been an honor to pursue my passion for teaching mathematics to bright, ambitious undergraduates from extremely diverse backgrounds.

As a lecturer in the Mathematics Department, I have been treated relatively well at Duke: I am paid enough to consider buying a house and raising a family in it, I have a five year contract, and I have been sponsored for an employment-based Green Card. Yet when I speak to my colleagues across campus, especially those do not work on Science Drive, I find that my situation is not the norm.

To my mind, if knowledge is produced, but not understood, it may as well not have been produced in the first place. I believe that the primary role of the university is instruction in its many forms: from classroom lectures to research experiences. I decided to join Duke Teaching First because I do not see these values reflected consistently in the way we’re treated as contingent faculty at Duke.

Contingent faculty carry out a large proportion of teaching, yet we do not all have the benefits and security that Duke can clearly afford in this time of rapid growth. By coming together to form our union, we can link arms and demand the respect we all deserve as we make teaching our career. We all worked hard to get here, and we should all be able to feel secure and appreciated at Duke.

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