Leadership Directory

The following members of the Executive Board and cluster representatives were elected in September, 2017, and will serve a 3-year term.


President – Mike Dimpfl, Thompson Writing Program

Vice President – MJ Sharp, Center for Documentary Studies

Secretary – Jim Haverkamp, Arts of the Moving Image

Treasurer – Chris Shreve, Biology

Sergeant-at-Arms – Leslie Maxwell, Thompson Writing Program

At-large Board Members

Rene Caputo, Thompson Writing Program and The Graduate School

Nora Hanagan, Political Science

Nancy Kalow, Center for Documentary Studies

Steve Kaufmann, Health, Wellness and Physical Education (HWPE)

David Need, Religious Studies

Cathy Shuman, English

Cluster Representatives

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies:
Nancy Kalow, Center for Documentary Studies

Art, Art History, and Visual Studies; Arts of the Moving Image; Theater Studies:
Jim Haverkamp, Arts of the Moving Image
Patrick Herron, Information Science and Studies (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)

Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science:
Chris Shreve, Biology

Center for Documentary Studies; Program in Education:
MJ Sharp, Center for Documentary Studies

Classical Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Economics; English; History; International Comparative Studies; Markets and Management; Political Science; Religious Studies; Service Learning; Sociology:
David Need, Religious Studies

Dance; Health, Wellness and Physical Education (HWPE):
Steve Kauffman, HWPE

Germanic Languages and Literature; Linguistics; Romance Studies:
Eileen Anderson, Romance Studies
Rebecca Ewing, Romance Studies
Saskia Ziolkowsky, Romance Studies

Sandra Cotton, Music
Randy Reed, Music

Thompson Writing Program:
Kevin Casey, Thompson Writing Program
Lindsey Smith, Thompson Writing Program